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Computer specialist by profession, I took an early retirement in 2010, and bought my first digital camera to take on my canoe, camping and travel journeys. 

Since then, photography has become a passion, an obsession, and a means to express myself through images. 

I enjoy all aspects of photography - nature, landscape, still life, and have fun creating altered-reality images that has won many awards.

I am a member of Richmond Hill Camera Club and Toronto Digital Camera Club,  as well as an accredited judge with the  Ontario Council of Camera Clubs.

On this website you can see samples of my work.  

Also available for camera club presentations.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, please contact me for available sizes and pricing information.


I was fortunate to attend the workshop "Still Life" run by Luba Citrin on
Saturday January 14th, 2023. To start I will say it was excellent. 
I was absolutely blown away by her work. The comments throughout her presentation
indicated all of us felt the same way - people said things like..... "WOW",

"amazing", "brilliant work", "so creative", "so impressive". Her creativity and
skill were so evident - she is truly a master at still life. 

• "Cool, exactly what I was wondering about these types of levitated images"
- Gail MacLellan
• "Just Like a Vermeer Painting" - Rick Mckenzie
"Her lighting is fantastic. That's a challenge for me too to get the lighting
just right." - Kathy Ward
"So many cool ideas!" - Ted Buck
• "I'm newer and often feeling like there is no inspiration for me. This
[presentation] make it impossible for me to have a single excuse. I love her
artistic angles." - Mary
"Great presentation, Luba" - John Kezys
"Wonderful! Thank you! I could get totally obsessed with this.." -Ann
"This is all very inspiring! Great ideas."

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You may contact me also at:         (416) 723-9833

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